Friday, January 22, 2010

TPC River Highlands Potpourri of Pictures (Set 1)

TPC River Highlands
The First 25 Photos

Above is the clubhouse for the TPC River Highlands, one of the premier golf clubs in the state of Connecticut.  It's a place I've called home for the past thirteen years where I've worked during the golf season as a starter, course advisor (i.e.; ranger), outside operations and in the locker room.  The vast majority of my working time is as a starter.

Four years ago I quit smoking.  At that time I got re-interested in photography as a way of having something to do with my hands rather than have them holding a cigarette.  Since then I've snapped over one-thousand-six hundred pictures at the club.  So here goes with the first twenty-five.

A caricature  artist does a portrait of each member playing in an early season tournament

Brad M on the fifteenth tee

Tom C, Eliza F (TPC employees) and Bill G. (a member)

Tom C. and Eliza F. (TPC employees)

Judy M., a member

Dennis Walters, a parapalegic trick shot artist

A member, our GM, our Head Pro and two of our assistant pros

Jack Hunter, our Head PGA Professional

Dennis Walters introduces his show dog Benji Hogan

Dennis Walters and Benji Hogan

Dennis Walters displays his ball striking skills

Tom DeGrandi (Course Superintendent) and Bill Whaley (General Manager)

Another shot by Dennis Walters

Dennis Walters performing before nearly 1,000 school kids

Another Dennis Walters trick shot

The main entrance to the TPC River Highlands

The clubhouse at the TPC River Highlands

TPC River Highlands, Hole #1

Another view of the first hole

The first hole from the green back toward the tee

View of the seventeenth hole from the second tee

The blind uphill tee shot on the second hole

Unseen from the tee these bunkers await an errant tee shot on the second hole

TPC River Highlands, Hole #3

Off the fourth tee you'll face a narrow slot to the fairway

Next up on my blog will be:
  • Woodbridge CC
  • Kent, Connecticut
  • Olde Barnstable GC
Hopefully the above schedule will change.  As I recently stated in this blog my desktop computer crashed last Thursday.  I had it checked out by the Geek Squad.  They said I could either put in a new hard drive or buy a new PC.  They did add that some to all of my data files could likely be salvaged.  If I can retrieve some of those files then the above schedule will be revised.  In the interim I'm waiting for my guru son to give me a second opinion this weekend.  We'll see what happens.

Until then I'll not be doing scorecard images until I either get a new desktop PC or get my laptop PC hooked up to my scanner.

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