Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duplicate Wales Scorecards

Duplicate Wales Scorecards

I was hoping that I would be able to add some images of the Wales duplicate scorecards listed below, however, I can't get my scanner to work on my laptop.  I did take the disc that cam with it and installed the drivers & software but it won't scan for me.  The other functions do seem to work.

So without imaged below is a list of my duplicate Wales scorecards available for trade on a one-for-one basis. I will trade them only for other Wales scorecards scorecards which are not on my duplicate list below.

If you need any of the following scorecards and can offer an equivalent number from Wales that are not listed below please let me know via e-mail at rbglasson@cox.net. If it has not already been selected I will let you know how many I can send and put them in the mail to you.

Also, please note that this offer is available only to those with whom I have or have has a previous scorecard trading relationship.

Wales – Aberdovy GC
Wales – Abersoch GC
Wales – Alice Springs GC (Monnow)
Wales – Alice Springs GC (Usk)
Wales – Anglesey GC
Wales – Brecon GC
Wales – Bryn Meadows G&C Hotel
Wales – Buith Wells GC
Wales – Caerleon GC
Wales – Caerphilly GC
Wales – Celtic Manor Hotel & CC (Coldra Woods)
Wales – Conwy (Caernarvonshire) GC
Wales – Criccieth GC
Wales – Dewstow GC (Valley)
Wales – Haverford West GC
Wales – Hawarden GC
Wales – Inco GC
Wales – North Wales GC
Wales – Old Padeswood GC
Wales – Raglan Parc GC
Wales – Rolls of Monmouth GC
Wales – Royal Town of Caernafon GC
Wales – St. Giles GC
Wales – St. Mary’s Hotel G&CC
Wales – Vale Hotel Golf & Spa (Lake)

Coming up soon up on my blog will be:
  • England Scorecards (Nailcote Hall to Newark)
  • Kent, Connecticut
  • Olde Barnstable GC
  • Michigan Scorecards (Oak Crest to Oakland University)

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