Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Olympic Club (Lake Course)

The Olympic Club (Lake Course)
San Francisco (Daly City), California
The 96th in my golf course tour series

The year was 1993.  I was in San Francisco on a two week business trip assisting in the design of a nuclear software program for a public utility company.  A head professional at a Connecticut club I belonged to happened to know Jim Lucious who was the head pro at The Olympic Club and arranged a tee time for me.  At the time The Olympic Club was a non-cash club.  Non-members were required to pay for everything via credit card.

On the day I was scheduled to play I left a meeting in the Embarcadero area of San Fran, picked up by clubs at the hotel I was staying at then got in a cab for the $35.00 ride out to the club in Daly City.  The temperature in the Embarcadero area was seventy degrees.  Consequently I was wearing a short sleeved shirt.  At The Olympic Club the temp was in the upper forties and windy.  Thus I needed to buy a sweater.  the cheapest on in the golf shop was $150.00.  My greens fee was $165.00.  Add  in lunch, a bucket of range balls and a few other miscellaneous items in the golf shop and my total was well over $500.00.  Also  at The Olympic Club non-members are required to play with members so I got paired up with threesome of members.  My front nine was a disaster.  Branches from the eucalyptus trees seemed to hang over both sides of the fairways and I think I hit all of them.  Shot an embarrassing 49 on the front nine.

The back nine went a little better until the end.  The last hole is just 322 yards.  I was in the trees off the tee.  Hit a wedge the the back fringe of the green and had a seven foot downhill putt.  One of the member I was playing with said I had an impossible putt.  He was right.  I barely tapped the ball.  the ball kept rolling and rolling and rolling and ended up off the green.  I chipped back onto the green then hammered the next putt and but it came way short.  A couple more putts and I had a triple.  that gave me a double triple finish for a 46.  

A week or two later my wife got the credit card bill.  My $500.00 plus golf day got me in big trouble. It cost me having to take out to dinner three times over the next couple of weeks.  It was still worth every nickel.

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