Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecard Sequences - Set #40

Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecard Sequences
Set #40

Today I'm doing my 40th set of golf scorecards that would have been included in previous scorecard sequences had I had them earlier.  As the number of regular scorecard sequences I blog increases in the frequency of the issues titled Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecards will continue to increase.

 Pinery CC, Colorado

 Riverbend GC, Utah

 Bretton Woods Recreation Center, Maryland

Brattleboro CC, Vermont

Windmill Hill GC, Rhode Island

 Cedar Point GC, Maryland

 Golf Talma (Master), Finland

 Golf Talma (Laakso), Finland

Golf Talma (Par 3), Finland

 Strawberry Ridge GC, Pennsylvania

Roaring Fork Club, Colorado

Candywood GC, Ohio

 Bristolwood GC, Ohio

 Brazells Creek GC, Georgia

 Prairie View GC, Wyoming

 Crosswinds GC, Georgia

 Brookstone G&CC, South Carolina

 Top of the World GC, Yukon, Canada

 Canterbury GC, Georgia

 Keyhole CC, Wyoming

 Settlers Bay GC, Alaska

 Gleneagles (PGA Centenary), Scotland

 Silver Sage GC, Idaho

Views GC of Oro Valley, Arizona

Sanctuary GC, Colorado

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