Sunday, March 19, 2017

Golf Scorecard History 101, Kansas - Set #5

Golf Scorecard History 101, Kansas
Set #5
Sand Creek Station to Smith Center CC

Flag of Kansas
A few notes about Kansas:
  • A ball of twine in Cawker City, KS. measures over 38' in circumference and weighs more than 16,750 pounds and is still growing.
  • A grain elevator in Hutchinson is 1/2 mile long and holds 46 million bushels in its 1,000 bins.
  • South of Ashland the Rock Island Bridge is the longest railroad bridge of its kind. It measures 1,200 feet long and is 100 feet above the Cimarron River.
  • At Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine waterbeds for horses are used in surgery.
  • Kansas won the award for most beautiful license plate for the wheat plate design issued in 1981.
  • Dodge City is the windiest city in the United States. 
  • Kansas has some great golf courses a few of whose golf scorecards are illustrated below.

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