Monday, February 22, 2016

Golf Scorecard History 101, Kansas - Set #5

Golf Scorecard History 101, Kansas
Set #5
Smokey Hill CC to Sugar Valley Lakes GC

Today you get a selection of golf scorecards from the Sunflower State, a/k/a Kansas.  With this issue over one-hundred-fifty Kansas scorecards will have been blogged on this site.

More Blog Issues for Kansas and Internet Links:
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The total number of golf scorecard images on this site now equals 14,113
The total number of golf photographs on this site now equals 3,173
The total number of all photographs on this site now equals 11,980

Coming Soon:

Sweden Scorecards
Maratta Car Show
Kentucky Scorecards
Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecards

My golf scorecard collection statistics as of today:
Total Kansas = 1,102
Total USA = 91,609
Total Foreign = 43,747
Total Collection = 135,356

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