Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados

While cruising in the Caribbean one of our ports of call was Bridgetown, Barbados..  A church in Bridgetown is the Christ Church Parish which dates back to the mid 1600's.  On the grounds is a cemetery that includes a vault built by the Chase Family that was constructed around 1803.  Over the years members of the family were buried in the vault with it later being sealed.  A few years after ir was sealed Thomas Chase died the vault was unsealed.  It was found that all of the coffins had moved with some standing upright and others upside down.  See the website at for more specifics.  Here are some of my images of the church Chase vault.

 The Chase Vault

Inside the Chase Vault

Then it was on to the Sunbury House Plantation which also dates back to the 1660's and contains many of the furnishings of that era.  A very interesting stop.

The day in Bridgetown ended with a visit to Reggie Medford a world renowned mahogany wood carver.

Reggie Medford

Root of a mahogany tree

Entrance to Reggie's studio


Reggie selling his wares

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