Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recent Arrivals #3

 Recent Scorecard Arrivals #3

This issue features more recent golf scorecard arrivals, which have been inserted into my collection where I have previously blogged those particular sequences.

From Alaska:

From Arkansas:

From California:

From Colorado:

From Connecticut:

A Generic Scorecard:

From Georgia:

From Illinois:

From Maine:

From Oregon:

From Pennsylvania:

From South Dakota:

From Texas:

From Virginia:

From Australia (Northern Territory):

From Austria:

From Slovenia:

From Thailand:

Blog Statistics:
410 Blog postings
The total number of golf scorecard images on this site now equals 7,008
The total number of golf photographs on this site now equals 2.081
The total number of all photographs on this site now equals 6,754

Coming Soon:
Denmark Scorecards
Indiana Scorecards
Phoenix Botanical Garden
Dominican Republic Scorecards

So come back soon and often.

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