Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

A crummy day today. Thought I would be called into work today at the TPC River Highlands. But it's cloudy, cool, windy, and just kind of miserable. Consequently there won't be much play at the golf club today so I wasn't called and am stuck inside at home. Now what can I do to avoid working on the "Honey-Do" list?

Perhaps work on my scorecard collection. Perhaps do some work on my website at or on my other site at

I had mentioned in my profile that my scorecard collection greatly exceeds one-hundred-thousand. Many people ask how that can be since there are only about 20,000 courses in the USA and 45,000 worldwide. Well, scorecards are similar to stamps and coins - they keep
changing. Every few years a golf course will change the picture on the front of the scorecard. The may build a new tee, move a green, redesign a hole all of which would change the yardage of the hole thus necessitating a new or revised scorecard. Courses frequently print the name of the head professional, manager and/or superintendent on their scorecards. People retire, change jobs, get fired, etc. Such changes necessitate the printing of new or revised scorecard. Telephone numbers change, e-mail addresses change, advertisements of some scorecards change, local rules change. These are just a few of the many factors that can cause a golf course to issue a new scorecard.

Now, of course, hard core collectors like myself seek to add as many different versions of scorecard to our collections as possible. For example my scorecard collection presently contains forty-six versions of scorecards from the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland and thirty-five different versions from Pebble Beach Golf Links in California.

To illustrate this point I've selected versions of scorecards in my collection from Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club in Ontario, Canada.

So there you go. Perhaps later today I'll get a phone call from my employer to report for work tomorrow. There are both Men's and Ladies Club tournaments so my odds are good I'll work.

P.S. Continue to scroll down to see additional Cedar Brae golf scorecards.

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  1. Hi Russ,
    Note that CedarBrae changed locations from its original site. It moved a long way from the original I used to caddy at the first site, occasionally for members at the course next door. Scarboro G & CC.

    Bert Mumby