Monday, May 4, 2009

Acapulco Princess Golf Club

I received the following e-mails as a result of posting a set of photographs I took while playing the Acapulco Princess Golf Course in Acapulco, Mexico.


Hi Russ,
Thanks for sharing your golf pictures.
Here's an extract of an email I sent this morning:
Dear P.J.
I am glad you enjoyed my pps on playing the front-nine at the Acapulco Princess.
Meanwhile, today I plan to "play" the back-nine of the Princess golf course and build-up a second pps.
Around 1978, I was a computer programmer when I went to work to the Hotel Acapulco Princess. It was a great job. The pay was not extraordinary but you couldn't beat the package of fringe benefits: I was assigned an apartment, not far from the hotel, which functioned as a hotel room - with daily maid service. I was assigned a yellow, electric golf cart, which I could use to go back and forth, and tour the surroundings. I was given free laundry service, as well.
All my meals were covered at any of the several hotel cafeterias; I could order anything I cared for and I just had to sign the check; 15% tip included.
For any extra personal expense, like drinks at the several bars and fancy dinners at the five-star restaurants, I was given a 50% discount.
On my free time I could use the pools, the tennis courts, and the golf course.
For golf, I was provided with everything that I needed: golf clubs, golf cart, even spiked shoes. I just had to pay for golf gloves. I also needed to provide my own balls, which I generally bought -- relatively cheap -- from the ground keepers: used lost balls that they collected from their rounds.

--> Hi Russ,
I've looked for more pictures - I can ascertain that yours is the most complete collection of photos from the Acapulco Princess GC that I could find on the internet.
I became quite familiar with the grounds, having played there so many times.
But in these past nearly 30 years, there have been a few changes
1) There used to be only three levels of Tee's, marked by black, blue and yellow coconuts. Now I learned that there are four.
2) I could not recognize the Tee for Hole #11. It used to be next to the avenue, just getting across from Green # 10. I figure that there were a couple of stray golf balls that ended up crashing into some windshield, and so they moved the Tee farther inland, to the other side of the fairway.
3) On the left hand side of Tee #7, there used to be a sort of chalet, with a convenient supply of drinking water and bathrooms. I couldn't tell from your pictures if it is still there.
4) Occasionally, me and my friends would play the Pierre Marqués, which is much more difficult. We, as beginners, prefered the simple Princess. Some of your pictures that I had a hard time recognizing, I for a time wondered whether they might be from the Pierre Marqués GC.
--> I missed not finding pictures of one of my favorite spots: the Golf Snack Club - Cleotilde and Juanita served excellent cheeseburguers and fries. I wonder if the place is still in operation. I don't suppose that the cheerful girls might still be there.
Also, the store and the storage for the golf carts.
If I ever go back there for a visit, I'll make it a point to go around the GC and take some more pictures - particularly, of the backstage surroundings of each green, where I spent some quality time looking for stray balls - mine and other's.
I'll be posting to both the pps that I built from (mostly your) pictures. I'll let you now.
Nice story, about Delta Airlines loosing and then "finding" your golf clubs.
Yes, you may post my email in your neat blogspot:
Outside Toronto? Nice. Not opened year-round, I bet.
William K.
Editors note: For my complete set of sixty-five photos I took while playing the Acapulco Princess Golf Course photos

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