Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nelson Dockyard, Antigua

Nelson Dockyard
If you are ever in Antigua I would recommend taking a tour out to Nelson Dockyard.   You can easily spend a couple of hours walking the grounds, visiting the museums and administration buildings and relaxing in one of their restaurants, then shopping for natives crafts.  Be sure to bring your camera.

"In the early eighteenth century, the British Royal Navy recognized the strategic importance of English Harbor in protecting ships from hurricanes and in its position at the south of the island for monitoring French naval activity. Throughout the eighteenth century, the dockyard grew in importance, as it was the only harbor in the Eastern Caribbean large enough for safe naval ship repairs. From 1784 through 1787, the British Hero of Trafalgar, Horatio Nelson, served as the captain of the H.M.S Boreas, sent to Antigua to enforce British laws in the colonies. When the restoration of the dockyard began in the 1950’s, it was renamed Nelson’s Dockyard in honor of the years he spent in Antigua.

Today, Nelson’s Dockyard provides many sites and activities for visitors to explore and enjoy. The Dockyard Museum, located in the former Admiral’s House, presents visitors with exhibits regarding the Dockyard’s history and current archaeological research on the island. The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel offers five-star accommodations and is a magnificent venue for special occasions. Businesses including gift shops, art galleries, and restaurants also reside in the Dockyard and demonstrate how the park preserves the area’s unique cultural heritage while meeting modern needs.”

Ala, our Nelson Dockyard tour guide

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