Monday, July 3, 2017

Golf Scorecard History 101, Manitoba, Canada - Set #7

Golf Scorecard History 101, Manitoba, Canada
Set #7
Evergreen G&CC to Gladstone GC

Flag of Manitoba

A few facts about Manitoba:
  1. Residents of Churchill, Manitoba are asked to leave their car doors unlocked in case their neighbors need somewhere to escape from a polar bear.
  2. Manitobans consume the most Slurpees from 7-Eleven in the world.  They've held that title for 16 straight years.
  3. They have the first-ever, and only, polar bear prison for naughty bears who walk saunter into town.
  4. Churchill children are advised not to dress up as polar bears on Halloween so police can tell them apart from actual polar bears.
  5. Because most groundhogs are hibernating in Manitoba on February 2, the province has to use a puppet groundhog to predict how much winter they'll see.
  6. Manitoba has fewer residents, but more curling clubs, than Ontario and Quebec combined.
  7. Winnipeg has both the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada (42 degrees Celsius), and the lowest ever (-47 degrees Celsius).
  8. There are nearly 130 golf courses in Manitoba. 

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