Thursday, June 2, 2016

Macau Golf & Country Club Images & Scorecards

Macau Golf & Country Club Images & Scorecards
The 68th in my golf course tour series

My Macau G&CC golf scorecard collection: They may look identical, however, there is just enough font and/or color variation to make each one unique.

Macau G&CC Images:

More Blog Issues for China and Internet Links:
To view more of my China blog issues scroll to the upper left corner of this page and enter the word China in the search field.  This will bring up virtually all of the blog issues for the country of China that I've done to date.

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Blog Statistics:
849 Blog Postings
The total number of golf scorecard images on this site now equals 15,191
The total number of golf photographs on this site now equals 3,812
The total number of all photographs on this site now equals 12,709

Coming Soon:
New Jersey Scorecards
New Brunswick, Canada Scorecards
Guam Scorecards
North Carolina Scorecards

My golf scorecard collection statistics as of today:
* Note:
While transferring inventory numbers from my manual counts to my computer spreadsheets I found some number transpositions which overstated my actual inventory.  The following statistics are now correct.
Total China = 90
Total USA = 92,431
Total Foreign = 43,766
Total Collection = 136,187

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