Saturday, December 19, 2015

Scorecard Variations

Scorecard Variations

Many collectors of golf scorecards have different criteria for what goes into their collection.  I have run into collectors who:
- Only collect scorecards from courses they have played
- Only collect one scorecard from each course
- Only collect one scorecard from each country
- Only collect one scorecard from each state
- Only collect only scorecards that are a combination of scorecard/post card
- Only collect unused scorecards
- Only collect the newest version

Then of course there are those who collect everything that is a different version from what already exists in their collection.  Now the question is "What constitutes a different version?"  Here are some things that collector may want to consider.

  • Round vs. square corners
  • Copyright and/or print date
  • Slope and/or course rating change
  • Back and front nines being reversed
  • Font size changes
  • Significant colors changes or variations
  • Change in name of the  professional, superintendent, manager, or other course administrators
  • Different advertisements
  • Name change i.e.; Country Club to Golf Club, Golf Club to Golf Course, etc.
  • Different photo on or in the scorecard
  • Typographical errors
  • Change in the dimensions of the card
  • Change in the area code or zip code
  • Revision to the local rules printed on the scorecard
  • Paper texture i.e., thickness
  • Paper texture i.e.,  glossy vs. non-glossy
  • Additional tees and/or different names for their tees
  • Different fold sequence
  • Single fold to bi-fold
  • Orientation i.e.; horizontal vs. vertical
  • Slot to hold pencil vs. no slot for pencil
Are there any other considerations?  Is the above an "over-kill"?  Your comments are welcome.

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