Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweden Duplicate Scorecards for Trade

 Sweden Duplicate Scorecards for Trade

Below is a list of my duplicate scorecards from Sweden.  If you need any of the following scorecards and can offer an equivalent number from Sweden please let me know via e-mail at RBGlasson@cox.net.  If it has not already been selected I will let you know how many I can send and put them in the mail to you.

Please note that due to prohibitive postal costs I would prefer to restrict this offer to collectors within the United States and Canada.

Also this offer is currently only available only to those with whom I have or have has a previous scorecard trading relationship.  For all other interested traders let's start a trading relationship.  Contact me at the above e-mail address

Four of the scorecards being offered for trade are illustrated below.

·    Abbekas GK
·    Akersberga GK

 ·    Bokskogen GK (Gamla Banan)

·    Falsterbro GK
·    Funasdalsfjallens GK
·    Granna GC

 ·    Hooks GC

 ·    Hylliekrokens Golf & Motions AB
·    Ljunghusens GK
·    Lysegardens GK (18 h. cd.)
·    Mariestads GK
·    Orestads GK

 ·    Orkelljunga GK

 ·    Ostersund GK
·    Oviks GK Puttom
·    Sala GK
·    Saltsjobadens GK, 18 h. cd.
·    Slite GC
·    Stockholms GK

·    Toreboda GK

·    Ullna GC
·    Vasatorps GK (Gamla)
·    Vasatorps GK (Nya)

With the publication of this issue there are now 836 scorecard images on this blog.

Coming up soon on my blog will be:

New York Scorecards (Hiawatha Trails Executive GC to Highlands CC)
New York Scorecards (Hiland GC to Holiday Valley Resort)
East Hartford GC
Japan Scorecards (Kasaoka CC to Kasumagaseki CC)

So come back soon and often.

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