Thursday, May 13, 2010

Japan Scorecards (Kasumigaura CC to Kazusa GC)

Japan Scorecards 
(Kasumigaura CC to Kazusa GC)

Most people don't believe it but there are over 3,000 golf courses in Japan  My golf scorecard collection from that country is1,041 which is the equivalent of 1% out of my total collection of 113,627.

A few images of these scorecards follows:  

Kasumigaura CC

Kasumigaura International GC

Katano CC

Katayamazu GC (Hakusan)

Katayamazu GC (Kaga)

Katayamazu GC (Nihonkai)

Katsuragi CC 

Katsuragi GC (Ugari) 

Katsuragi GC (Ugari) 

Katsuragi GC (Yamana) 

Katsuragi GC (Yamana) 

Katsuta GC

Kawagoe GC

Kawana (Fuji) 

Kawana (Oshima)

Kawasaki Kokusai CC (Norito)

Kawasaki Public GC

Kazusa GC

The total number of scorecards on this blog site now equals 924.

Coming up soon on my blog will be:

North Conway CC
North Carolina Scorecards (Jacksonville CC to Keith Hills II)
North Carolina Scorecards (Kenmure to Knollwood Fairways GC)
Up  to Mount Washington

So come back soon and often.

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