Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers


What a crummy day. Last night we got hit with 10" of snow. Obviously I can't play golf. Until my driveway gets plowed out I can't go out photograph'in.

So I guess I'll just stay inside and daydream about spring and what I'd like my garden to look like. It will never look like the above because they only thing I grow well is weeds.

Growing something like the above is only a figment of my imagination.

My knowledge of flowers is so inept that I feel id it's yellow it must be a dandelion.

Having said that the above photo is of Negrita tulips. I know that because I copied it of the label in front of these flowers.

Thought these were kind of nice. They were in a dark area with some side lighting.

Photographing these flowers taught me one thing. When I go out on a photo shoot I've got to remember to bring a pad and pencil.

That way when I see signage I can write it down so I'll remember it's name or other pertinent information about the shot after I get home.

Another interesting night shot of a pool & flower garden.

If I don't write it down it'll be forgotten by the time I get home and download the images.

I call this forgetfulness "senior moments."

Hey!!! If any of you out there looking at this know the names of any of these flowers leave the name in the comments section below.

If you do I've give you a reward. The rewards are called "Attaboys."

Also, if you leave a comment below I'll have to assume you're an expert.

If you are an expert then you'll likely get an invitation in addition to the "attaboy."

It will be an invitation to come over and plant my flower garden.

P.S. When you come over to plant my flower garden don't forget the beer. As the supervisor of my yard I always like to drink beer as I supervise. I might even share the beer with you when you're done.

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