Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Connecticut Governor's Residence

The Connecticut Governor's Residence

Jody Rell, the Governor of Connecticut opens up her Hartford residence once a year to the general public for a tour. Naturally at this time of year it is festively decorated for the Christmas holidays. The gated property is located in Hartford’s posh west end where million dollar plus properties are the norm.

Having never seen the property, in spite of having lived in Hartford and surrounding towns all my life I decided to do it this year as a photo shoot project.

With thousands of people arriving to see her Hartford home I expected that she would conveniently be away. Surprise, surprise!! While looking at the holiday decorations in her sun room I saw her come in, greet some guests, then pose for pictures with the Hall High School Coraliers who had been entertaining arriving guests with Christmas carols.
The decorations, as expected, were gorgeous, though a bit overdone.

Front door wreath at the Governor's residence

Chandelier in the foyer

--> Hall High School Coraliers entertained arriving guests

Decorations covered the dining room table

Flowers were everywhere

Governor Jodi Rell poses with the Hall High School Coraliers

One of many Christmas trees throughout the residence

Tastefully done holiday decorations

Window wreath

Foyer flowers

All in all, a very interesting tour and day. For those who have not done it before make it a project for next year. Make sure you pick a nice day as it’s likely you’ll have to walk one to one and a half blocks due to limited parking. Plus you may have to stand in line from fifteen to thirty minutes before entry is finally gained into the residence.

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