Monday, April 24, 2017

TPC Golf Scorecards Set #1

TPC Golf Scorecards
TPC at Baha Mar to TPC Deere Run
Set #1 

This will be the first several sets of golf scorecards from TPC (Tournament Players Club) golf courses. My TPC collection numbers well over 200 including many from courses that no longer exist due to closure and/or name changes.  So here it goes with the inaugural set.

====== TPC at Baha Mar, Bahamas ======
This course never came to fruition.  It was designed and construction began but for some reason was never completed

====== TPC Avenal, Maryland ======
Believe it or not this course no longer exists.  The reason is that they changed their name to TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm

====== TPC Boston, Massachusetts ======
This course is not in Boston.  It's actually located 38 miles away in Norton, Massachusetts.  I have had the pleasure of playing this course several times.  Every time I've played I've found the greens to be exceptionally fast.

====== TPC Connecticut ======
The property on which this course is located was originally known at Edgewood Country Club.  the PGA tour purchased it when it was decided the  Greater Hartford Open had outgrown a course in Wethersfield, CT.  The course was immediately and significantly redesigned.   I had played several hundred rounds when it was known as Edgewood but only one while it was named TPC Connecticut.   Today it is known as TPC River Highlands.

====== TPC Craig Ranch, Texas ======
TPC Craig Ranch is located in a suburb of Dallas; McKinney, Texas.  It opened in 2004

====== TPC Deere Run, Illinois ======
From one of the clubs brochures comes this piece of information, "TPC Deere Run is situated on a piece of property with a tremendous tale to tell. The land’s past includes Native American settlements, farming, coal mining, and most recently – one of the top horse and cattle breeding programs in the country. Remarkably, John Deere, Quad City, and property history all intersect at this 385-acre parcel of land."

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