Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wales Scorecards (Aberdare GC to Anglesey GC)

Wales Scorecards 
(Aberdare GC to Anglesey GC) 

Since my last scorecard blog I have not increased my total golf scorecard collection, so it remains at 121,110 total scorecards.  Of these 630 are from Wales.  This blog will cover thirty-four of these.  A cursory five are displayed below followed by my usual link to view all 34 via a video clip.


Here's the link to see the all thirty-four featured Wales golf scorecards.
The direct Internet address is

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The total number of all photographs on this site now equals 3,468

Coming Soon:
Minnesota Scorecards (Wadena to Wildflower)
Hop Meadow CC 
WW1 Memorial Park 2007-3
Michigan Scorecards (Oak Crest to Oxford Hills)

So come back soon and ofter.

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