Saturday, October 1, 2011

Iowa Golf Scorecards - Set #1

Iowa Golf Scorecards 
(3/30 Club to Avoca G&CC)

This blog consists of an array of 46 golf scorecards from Iowa.  This is out of my total Iowa scorecard collection of 954 and out of my total worldwide collection of 120,613 scorecards.  As is my standard a representative sampling is below followed by an Internet links to view all forty-six Iowa golf scorecards associated with this issue of my blog.

The Internet link to view all forty-six scorecards follows:

The direct Internet address is 

Blog Statistics:
250 blog postings
The total number golf scorecard images on this blog site now equals 3,680
The total number of golf photographs on this blog site now equals 1,394
The total number of all photographs on this blog site now equals 2,813

Coming Soon:
Kansas Scorecards
AOPA Airfest - 2011
Venezuela Scorecards
Kentucky Scorecards

So come back soon and often.
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