Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thailand Scorecards

Thailand Scorecards
Alpine GC to Noble Place

My worldwide golf scorecard collection has now risen to 119,114.

With this blog I'm presenting 73 of my 164 different scorecards from Thailand.  A sampling of approximately 10% is immediately below and then followed by a link to view all 73 on the Internet.

If you prefer the direct Internet address it's

Blog Statistics:
230 blog postings
The total number golf scorecard images on this blog site now equals 3,205
The total number of golf photographs on this blog site now equals 1,247
The total number of all photographs on this blog site now equals 2,261

Coming Soon:
Georgia Scorecards (Callaway Gardens to Center GC)
Tunesia Scorecards
Countries of the Caribbean Duplicate Scorecard for Trade
World Golf Hall of Fame

So come back soon and often.
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Editors Note: Now that the good weather is here I'm back to work for the season at the TPC River Highlands.  That plus the endless yard work, trying to find time also play a few rounds of golf and trying to keep the wife happy means that I'll making fewer posting to this blog site over the next couple of months.  Please bear with me.   Thanks.

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