Friday, April 15, 2011

District of Columbia Scorecards

District of Columbia Scorecards
Washington, D.C.
The District of Columbia does not have many golf courses, obviously due to its size.  In fact one once claimed it was in D.C. but apparently due to boundary line changes it's not apparently in Washington, D.C. anymore but rather in Maryland.

My collection of Washington, D.C. scorecards now totals 39.  Twenty seven of the uniquely different scorecard fronts are in this blog.  Compared with my total worldwide collection of 119,196 it's a mere pittance.  A small sampling is presented below.  To view 27 of my D.C. scorecards click on the links that follows.

Link to all of these Washington, D.C. scorecards follows.

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Coming Soon:
Georgia Scorecards (Callaway Gardens to Center GC)
Tunesia Scorecards
Countries of the Caribbean Duplicate Scorecard for Trade
World Golf Hall of Fame

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