Thursday, January 6, 2011

Used and Abused Scorecards For Trade

Used and Abused Scorecards For Trade

Over the years I've accumulated approximately 3,700 duplicate golf scorecards that are either used or what I consider abused.  I keep them in my collection only until I receive an identical card that is in better condition.  So if you are interested in filling some holes in your collection you may wish to request a copy of duplicate used & abused scorecard list.  It is a forty-one page Word document.  If you wish the list send me an e-mail at

If, however, you  need one of these just let me know.  If I still have it I’ll send it along for one of your similarly conditioned scorecards.  I’ll take anything that is not on this list.

Bear in mind that the scorecards have one or more of the following conditions: used, creased , stained, pin holes, torn, taped,  wrinkled, etc.  The notation of a different date does not necessarily mean it’s a different version of the scorecard. The word ‘pre” indicates the card was most likely in use before that date.  The condition of these scorecards will vary from reasonably good pretty bad, so be sure to read the following paragraph.

If you request a scorecard and I still have it I'll put it in the mail to you.  You don't need to send anything until you have received my packet and are satisfied with each of the cards I've sent.  If you are then then return an equivalent number of your similarly conditioned duplicate scorecards.  If any of what I send is not to your liking simply return it to me.

The following are just a few that are on my list.

Eastham Lodge GC, England

Hunters Point GC, Tennessee

McGregor Links CC, New York

Owl's Nest GC, New Hampshire

Sebring GC, Florida

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Coming Soon:
Spain Scorecards 
Wisconsin Scorecards
Sri Lanka Scorecards
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So come back soon and often.
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