Monday, January 10, 2011



 What more can I say. Flowers always make great pictures, regardless of weather it's from their brilliant color or to their muted tones, or to their pastel colors, or just to the different lighting situations or backgrounds that photographers present.

So, with that set I present a few samples of the plus four dozen photos you will see if you click on the link that follows near the end of this blog.  The blog is presented with music.

This above is just a sampling of many flower photos.  Click on the immediate link to see them all of the 55 photos which if my process is correct will also provide some music.

Blog Statistics:
201 blog postings
The total number golf scorecard images on this blog site now equals 2,419
The total number of golf photographs on this blog site now equals 1060
The total number of all photographs on this blog site now equals 1,830

Coming Soon:
Wisconsin Scorecards (Wisconsin River GC to Zimmernann's Kettle Hills GC)
Sri Lanka Scorecards
More Flowers
Alabama Scorecards

So come back soon and often.
Feel free to leave your comments below.

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