Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scorecard Images 524 - 544

Scorecards from France 
(Fort Vallieres to GC Amiens)

My collection of scorecards as of last night totaled 112,756 different scorecards.  Of these 1,162 were from France.  The following is a small segment of this collection. (Editors note: The last group of scorecards published in this blog site overstated the actual number of scorecards in my collection.  The above number 112,756 is correct).

Fort Vallieres

 Four Seasons GC (Le Chateau)

Four Seasons GC (Le Riou)


 Fregate (Fregalon)

G&CC Basel

G&CC De Bossey
G&CC De Bossey
G&CC De Cannes - Mougins
 G&CC De Cannes - Mougins
G&CC De Maison Blanche
G&CC de Pierrevert

G&CC Nimes
G&CC de Taulane
G&CC de Taulane
Gassin G&CC
G&CC de Saint Donat
G&CC de Saint Donat (9 h. cd.)
GC Aix Les Bains
GC Aix-Marseille
GC Amiens
Coming up soon on my blog will be:

Duplicate Scorecards From Spain
Scorecards from France (GC Barbaroux to GC D'Uzes)
Stonington CC
Professional Golfers at the TPC River Highlands
So come back soon and often.

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