Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(or as many call it - Provincetown)

P'town is a great artists community on the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  If you've never been there it's definitely worth the trip.

Commercial Street,  Provincetown.  Shop after shop, after shop, after restaurant, after restaurant, etc.

Another Commercial Street shop

One of the many Provincetown docks lining Commercial Street

Pilgrim's Monument
 Buoy's, buoy's, buoy's

Provincetown tour boats

Off to see the sea

All tied up
A typical Provincetown shop

In the sand dunes

Provincetown scene

Provincetown tour bus

Dilapidated Provincetown pier
 At a Provincetown movie house

Shopping mall & movie house in Provincetown
 A DaVinci Toad tee shirt

Kayaks galore

The Provincia at a Provincetown dock
Coming up soon on my blog will be:

Scorecards from France (Fort Vallieres to GC Amiens)
Duplicate Scorecards From Spain
Scorecards from France (GC Barbaroux to GC D'Uzes)
Stonington CC

So come back soon and often.

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