Monday, November 28, 2016

TPC Southwind, Tennessee

TPC Southwind
Memphis, Tennessee
The 80th in my Golf Course tour Series

My round of golf at TPC Southwind occurred on a cool and overcast day in late March.  Much of the grass was still dormant, not yet having had a chance to turn green.  Also I was initially a little disappointed as I had not expected that a few holes on the front nine to wind around an office park. However, the further I got into the course the better it got.  Some of the homes bordering the back nine were spectacular.

TPC Southwind Scorecards

TPC Southwind Images

___________________Hole #1___________________

___________________Hole #2___________________

___________________Hole #3___________________ 

___________________Hole #4___________________

___________________Hole #5_______________

 ___________________Hole #6__________________

 ___________________Hole #7__________________

 ___________________Hole #8__________________

___________________Hole #9__________________ 

___________________Seen at the turn - Dr. Cary Middlecoff Statute, __________________ 

___________________Hole #10__________________

 ___________________Hole #11__________________

 ___________________Hole #12__________________

 ___________________Hole #13__________________

 ___________________Hole #14__________________

___________________Hole #15__________________

 ___________________Hole #16__________________

 ___________________Hole #17__________________

___________________Hole #18__________________

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Editors Note: It may appear the the sequence number in the title are is incorrect.  I recently did a more thorough check of my golf course issues and found three issues that were done before I decided to keep an accurate count.  Hence, this is my 80th toiur issue.

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