Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecard Sequences - Set #33

Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecard Sequences
Set #33

This is the 33rd set of golf scorecards that would have been included in previous scorecard sequences had I had them earlier.  As the number of regular scorecard sequences I blog increases in the frequency of the issues titled Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecards will continue to increase.

 Aura Golf, Finland

 Crystal Bay GC, Thailand

 Gardens Park GL, ACT, Australia

Katherine GC, ACT, Australia

 Pryor Creek GC, Montana

 Rehobeth Beach CC, Delaware

ScoreCards Unlimited, A Generic Scorecard

 Blacksburg Municipal, Virginia

 Boulder Canyon CC, South Dakota

 Pattana GC & Resort, Thailand

Santiago GC, Dominican Republic

 Springwater GC, Oregon

Sutton Bay, South Dakota

 Clark Municipal GC, South Dakota

 Eastern GC, Victoria, Australia

 Seaside GC, Oregon

Southern Hills GC, South Dakota

 Medicine Creek GC, South Dakota

 Plum Creek GC, Colorado

The International, Netherlands

 Clube De Golf Santo DA Serra, Portugal

 Country View, Rhode Island

 San Roque Club (New), Spain

San Roque Club (Old), Spain

 Desert Rose GC, Nevada

 Mooresville GR & Par 3, North Carolina

Lake Carroll, Illinois

Chongqing Poly Golf, China

Oakridge GC, Utah

Weymont Run, Wisconsin

Springfield GC, South Dakota

Kytaja Golf, Finland

Ledges GC, Utah

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