Monday, August 10, 2015

Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecards - #16

Additions to Previously Blogged Scorecards - #16

As my golf scorecard collection  grows so do the incidences in which I come across a new version scorecard that had I had it earlier would have been included in a scorecard sequence I previously blogged.  This is the sixteenth such addition.  As I post more scorecard issues I expect these incidences to continue to increase in frequency.

 Beaver Dam GC, Alberta, Canada

 Beroun GC, Czech Republic

 Black Horse Golf, Maryland

Black Horse Golf, Maryland

 Blackhawk GC, Alberta,  Canada

 Dragon Ridge CC, Nevada

 East Potomac GC (White), DC

 Emirates GC (Faldo), United Arab Emirates

Emirates GC (Majlis), United Arab Emirates 

 Enders Lake GC, Nebraska

 Feeding Hills CC, Massachusetts

 Framingham Motor Inn P&P, Massachusetts

 GC Deutsche Weinstrabe, Germany

 GC of Tennessee, Tennessee

 Glen Lakes CC, Texas

 Grand Cypress Resort, Florida

 Green Spring GC, Utah

 Haskell CC, Texas

 Hollow Hills CC, New York
 Iroquois GC, Kentucky

 Lodge GC, New Mexico

 Lovington CC, New Mexico

 Okatom GC, Mississippi

 Patrick Farms GC, Mississippi

 Bom Sucesso GC, Portugal

 Riverside CC, Montana

 Sun Valley Resort GC, Idaho

 Swan-E-set Bay Resort & CC (Links), British Columbia, Canada

 The Grove, Tennessee

 Westridge GC, Wisconsin

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