Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Massachusetts Scorecards 
(G&RC at Turner Hill to Groton CC)

For this, my third set of scorecards to be blogged about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I've selected forty-five whose name begins with the letter "G".  Seven are presented below followed by Internet links to view all 45 for this issue plus those selected for the previous Massachusetts blog issues.


The Internet Links:

Massachusetts Scorecards - Set #3   G&RC at Turner Hill to Groton CC

Massachusetts Scorecards - Set #2   Franconia Golf Club to Furnace Brook Golf Club

Massachusetts Scorecards - Set #1   Falcon GC to Framingham CC

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The total number of golf scorecard images on this site now equals 10,810
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The total number of all photographs on this site now equals 10,653

Coming Soon:
Blackledge Golf Club
Gone But Not Forgotten Scorecards
Victoria, Australia Scorecards
Michigan Scorecards

My golf scorecard collection statistics as of December 17, 2014
Massachusetts = 2,196
Total USA = 88,387
Total Foreign = 42,406
Total collection = 130,793

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