Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scorecards With No Locations - Part 1 (Argyle GC to Lakewood CC)

Scorecards With No Locations
Part 1 
Argyle CC to Lakewood CC

With regards to scorecard collecting I have two pet peeves.  One is to receive a scorecard with no location noted on it.  The other is to receive a scorecards with no name noted on them.  Consequently I've started a database on these to help facilitate filing them in their correct sequence (by name and location).  This issue deals with one's Ive researched to date to determine their location.

 Argyle CC, MD.

 Bay Colony GC, FL.

 Bear Creek GC, CA.

 Brays Island GC, SC.

 The Bridges, CA.

Brookfield CC, MO.

CC of Ashville, NC.

 CC of Columbus, GA.

 CC of Jackson, MI.

 CC of Sapphire Valley, NC.

Champions Retreat, GA.

 Cherry Valley GC, IN.

 Dalhousie GC, MO.

Diamondhead CC, MS.

Diamondhead CC, MS.

Diamond Woods, OR.

Dismal River, NE.

Dunes, MI.

Egypt Valley CC, MI.

El Dorado Hills GC, CA.

Falls G&CC, FL.

Flint Hills National, KS.

The Fox Club, FL.

Jamestown Park GC, NC.

Kinberley Oaks GC, MI.

Lake Wildwood GC, CA.

The Lakes, OH.

Lakeshore CC, IA.

Lakewood CC, OH

Lochland CC, NE.

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Coming Soon:

Scorecards With No Locations - Part 2
Branson, Missouri
Turks & Caicos Islands Scorecards
Indiana Scorecards

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