Monday, January 27, 2014

Philippines Scorecards (Alabang CC to Leyte G&CC)

Philippines Scorecards 
(Alabang CC to Leyte G&CC)
Today's issue covers about half of my golf scorecard collection from the Philippines.  Thirty-six out of my total Philippine collection of sixty-seven can be viewed. A short sampling is displayed below followed by an Internet link to view all thirty-six.

Click here to see all thirty-six Philippine scorecards >>>> Philippine Scorecards - Set #1
The direct Internet address is

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Coming Soon:
Wisconsin Scorecards
Shuttle Meadow CC 2
Poland Scorecards
Wyoming Scorecards

My golf scorecard collection statistics as of January 25, 2014:
Philippines = 67
Total USA = 86,117
Total Foreign = 41,413
Total collection = 127,490

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