Sunday, July 14, 2013

North Dakota Scorecards (Lakota GC to Lisbon Bissell GC)

North Dakota Scorecards 
(Lakota GC to Lisbon Bissell GC)

With this issue my total golf scorecard collection now exceed 125,700.  Two-hundred-fifty-four are from North Dakota.  Thirty-four are featured in this issue and are shown below.  Lately I've been having trouble exporting my film clips, consequently, I'm showing oll of these scorecards here rather than providing an Internet link to view them.

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The total number of all photographs on this site now equals 7.973

Coming Soon:
Northern Ireland - Downpatrick
2012 Ryder Cup Scorecards
Jamaica Scorecards
Ohio Scorecards

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Editors Note - July 15, 2013.  After finalizing and publishing this issue I was finally able to fix my video software. So here is the Internet link to view the above set to a music background.
North Dakota Scorecards - Set #2
The direct Internet address is

To view my first blogged set of North Dakota scorecards click on this link >>>>

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