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Unidentified Golf Scorecards


Here is where I need some help.  Over the years I've received many scorecards that I have either had great difficulty in identifying or not been able to identify at all by name and/or location.  They've got me stymied.  All of them are displayed below.  Some of them may not be legitimate as there were some collectors who indiscriminately sent Xerox copies as originals.  Also, a few of the below are copies I received from collectors seeking my assistance in trying to identify the name and/or location.
So any help would be greatly appreciated.

 The above scorecard shows three sets of tees (back, middle and front).  The yardages are 6670, 6185 ans 5130.  The ratings and slopes are 72.5 / 135, 70.6 / 130 and 72.2 / 124.

 The above is a copy received from a collector seeking a location for this course.  The course has two sets of tees (regular and short).  The yardages are 2820 for the regular tees ad 2485 for the short tees.

 Need a location for the above.  The Head Pro is listed as Brad Kale.  An Internet search shows a Brad Kale as being a General Manager at a couple of courses in Illinois, however, I can find any reference to a Quail Ridge course being in Illinois.

 The above is a copy received from a collector seeking a location for this course. The back of the scorecards says it is of their South Course.  Yardages are 6056, 5829 and 5318 yards with ratings of 69.6, 68.3 and 71.2

 Need a name and location on the above.  It's a nine hole course.  The men's yardage is 1458 and ladies yardage is 1173.

 Need a name and location on the above.  It's a nine hole par 60 course.  My premonition is that this may be from Ohio.

 I don't have a clue on the above and can't offer much help.  There are no yardages or par's listed for the holes.  All I can say is that I received in in 2004.

 The flip side of the card is blank.  The slopes, ratings and yardages for the Blue, White and Red tees are 136 - 73.6 - 6859, 130 - 71.8 - 6493 and 129 - 73.6 5794.

 The flip side of the card is also blank.The color did not show up well when I scanned it; it's actually a bright lime green card.  The course has four sets of tees playing off 6655, 6109, 5528 and 5078 yards respectively.

 My gut reaction is that this scorecard is from Argentina, however I have not been able to verify this.

 Am assuming this is a copy and/or a temporary scorecard.  It's on plain white paper.  Yardages are 7011, 6424, 5925 and 5088 yards.  No ratings or slopes were listed.

 This black and silver scorecard has named their tees Black, Copper, Silver and Gold.  the also have three sets of hybrid tees (Black Rock, Member and Club).

The flip side is blank.  It's a nine hole course but by mixing the blue and white tees the nine hole yardages are 3177 and 3236 for a total of 6413.

The flip side of this scorecard is shown below. The above is for their South - North nines.  there are five sets of tees with yardages stated as 6885,6691, 6232, 5688 and 5214.

 The above is the companion side of the another one shown just above this one.  This side covers their North and East Courses.  Yardages are 7111, 6884, 6421 and 5832 yards.

 I believe I may have this card (or a different version thereof).  I just can't find it.  It's a Donald Ross design.  Yardage, ratings and slopes are 6696 - 72.2 - 127, 6437 - 70.9 - 123, 5941 - 68.5 - 120 and 5401 - 71.0 - 119.

Another course with nothing on the back.  It's a par three nine hole course.  If you play the course of the "Mat" tees it's 719 yards.  Off the "Grass" tees it's 651 yards.

My feeling is that this scorecard is strictly a promotional golf scorecard printed as samples for the Sales Reps of the scorecard printing company Golf Associates.  Am hoping someone can verify this.

Have had this scorecards in my collection for about as long as I've been collecting.  Have gotten quite a few tips on this one but could never verify the accuracy based on this cards printed yardages (7014, 6519 and 5838.

An advertisement on the back of this scorecard is from "Co-Operative Insurance Services", 1920 College Avenue.  No city was listed.  I did find a website the the above insurance company and their services cover both New Hampshire and Vermont.

The above and below scorecards are the front & back.  Above is their Links course.  Rating, slopes & yardages are 70.8 - 120 - 6397, 68.9 - 112 - 5902 and 68.3

Above is their Oaks course.  Rating, slopes & yardages are 70.5 - 121 6420, 69.3 - 118 - 6093 and70.9 - 118 - 5396

What is unique about this scorecard is that it was printed on the back of an index card.  I assume it;s a private personal course as the only locaal rule reads "USGA Rules apply except as designated otherwise by Mr. Lykes at any point in any round for any reason."  It's possible the course was owned by the founder of Lykes Lines (a steamship company).  If so the course likely was in Texas.

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