Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Connecticut Scorecards (Airways GC & CC to Burning Tree CC)

Connecticut Scorecards 
(Airways GC & CC 
Burning Tree CC)

I've finally cracked the 119,000 mark with some recent golf scorecards filings which brought my total to 119,028.  Of these 1,654 are from Connecticut.   This blog contains an array of Connecticut golf scorecards for courses that begin with the letter "A" and "B".  

A sampling is below followed by a links which will present seventy-eight versions.

The link to view all 75 of these Connecticut scorecards is:
Connecticut Golf Scorecards

If you wish the direct Internet address it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPJP60rdGtg
Blog Statistics:
224 blog postings
The total number golf scorecard images on this blog site now equals 3.060
The total number of golf photographs on this blog site now equals 1,202
The total number of all photographs on this blog site now equals 2,181

Coming Soon:
Delaware Scorecards (Shawnee CC to Woodland Golf Park)
Sugar Mill Ruins
Tonga to Trinidad & Tobago Scorecards
Florida Scorecards (Grasslands G&CC to Greenview Cove CC)

So come back soon and often.


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