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The Basketball Hall of Fame

The Basketball Hall of Fame

The Basketball of Fame is located in Springfield, Massachusetts as that was where the game was founded. From Wilkopedia I quote "In early December 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian-born physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (YMCA) (today, Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, was trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day. He sought a vigorous indoor game to keep his students occupied and at proper levels of fitness during the long New England winters. After rejecting other ideas as either too rough or poorly suited to walled-in gymnasiums, he wrote the basic rules and nailed a peach basket onto a 10-foot (3.05 m) elevated track. In contrast with modern basketball nets, this peach basket retained its bottom, and balls had to be retrieved manually after each "basket" or point scored; this proved inefficient, however, so the bottom of the basket was removed allowing the balls to be poked out with a long dowel each time. The peach baskets were used until 1906 when they were finally replaced by metal hoops with backboards. A further change was soon made, so the ball merely passed through, paving the way for the game we know today. An association football was used to shoot baskets. Whenever a person got the ball in the basket, his team would gain a point. Whichever team got the most points won the gameThe baskets were originally nailed to the mezzanine balcony of the playing court, but this proved impractical when spectators on the balcony began to interfere with shots. The backboard was introduced to prevent this interference; it had the additional effect of allowing rebound shots."

The Hall opened in 1968.  I've been fortuante to visit the Hall once and have also been invited to play golf in the annual Basketball  Hall of Fame golf tournament which is held the day before the induction ceremony.  A basketball celebrity plays with each group in the tournament.  When I played I was paired with George Blaney who at the time was the head coach of Holy Cross University.

Basketball Hall of Fame Building

The Wall of Fame

Testiment to Phog Allen, Coach of Kansas

Uniforms of Tom Heinsohn, Frank Ramsey and Larry Bird

Tribute to Lenny Wilkens

Tribute to the teams from Houston

Tribute to Jim Calhoun, Coach of UConn

1928 ball from the National High School Championship (Ashland HS, KY (15), Canton HS,  IL. (10)

 Women's NBA All Star Team uniforms

Tribute to Bill Walton

Karl Malone's shirt - Utah Jazz

Dan Issel's uniform, Denver Nuggets

4 Balls (Circa 1920, 1927 High School Trophy ball, ??Windsor, CO. def. Yankton SD., 1937 Western MA. Trophy Ball)

James Naismith

The original rules of basketball

Tribute to International Basketball

Trophy won by UConn women for the 1994-5 NCAA Woman's Championship

Tribute to Hank Iba, Oklahoma State

Tribute to John Wooden, UCLA Coach

Basketball Hall of Fame first floor

Basketball Hall of Fame plaques & inductee presentations 

Basketball Hall of Fame inductee presentations

Ball from the 1984 Women's US Olympic Gold Medal Team and Kareen Abdul-Jabbar's shoe 

Basketball Hall of Fame floor

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